You’re My Valentine!

This week was full of excitement for our Big Bears! First, they learned about love and friendship, and Valentine’s Day. They also learned about our wonderful community helpers; such as teacher, firefighter, mailman and dentist.

On Valentine’s Day we had a party the kids really enjoyed. They shared candy and different treats with each other. They were also so thrilled when they heard a knock at the door. It was Mr. Mike, (dressed as the mailman). He gave Valentine’s cards to all.They were super happy!

All morning long they expressed their happiness about the Valentine´s Party. They enjoyed their snack and loved hitting the piñata. The Big Bears had fun sharing and exchanging the treats each one brought to school.

Today, a dentist came to visit Toddler Tree. She made a presentation about taking care of your teeth and the Big Bears were very attentive listening to Dra. Martha.

Also, we have been practicing the following rhyme called “February.” Ask them to recite it !

Red paper, blue paper

Crayons and glue

We´re making valentines

And ONE is for YOU!”

Thank You Very Much for all your kind Valentine’s gifts. As teachers we always want the best for your child because we love them with all our hearts.

Next week we will continue learning about more community helpers.

Have a great weekend!

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