Woodland Animals

This week during Exploration and Story Time we started learning new vocabulary about woodland animals. Our Terrific Tigers were able to learn about the habitat of several animals by looking at pictures and reading stories that included animals such as bear, deer, raccoon and beluga whales.

During Physical Development we pretended to be different animals and went crawling, jumping and balancing through “our habitat”. They had so much fun exercising while listening new songs.

Thank you  so much to all the grandmothers that came to the kinder for Grandma’s Day. Our Terrific Tiger’s were so happy to have them here with us. Our kiddos had the opportunity of working and having a lovely morning with them.

Next week we will have fun activities related to winter sports! Please bring a bottle of plastic (500 ml) for an activity on Monday, thank you!

We hope you have a great weekend!

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