Witches, Ghosts and Goblins

We´ve come to the end of our 11th week and we´re so proud of all the achievements our Tiny Turtles have made!! Now, they´re into our daily routine. We are seeing an awesome development in the activities we plan for them!

This Spooky Week was all about introducing Halloween. We had a great time role playing as Ghosts, Witches and Monsters. Their favorite part was making scary sounds and tricking their friends.

During Exploration, the Tiny Turtles looked at different sized pumpkins, and tried on different Halloween costumes! Our favorite activity was making Witch´s Brew! The kids were exposed to a bit of science as they watched all the ingredients react, making a bubbling explosion.

In Creativity, we´re working on a Spooky Mobile! We made Jack-o-Lanterns with coffee filters. We also made ghost foot prints, which, by the way, we would like to to congratulate our kids for letting us paint their feet! They loved the tickling sensation when the brush touched their toes! We love doing these funny and sometimes messy activities! The kids enjoy the experience so much, and the activities help spark their senses!

During Story Time, we jumped into Halloween Stories such as “Jack-o-Lantern”, “Who´s there on Halloween”, “Mrs. Broom”, “Five Little Pumpkins”, and “The Eensy-Weensy Spider.”

After Story Time, we went to Miss Mely´s Physical Development class where the Tiny Turtles got to do the “Skeleton Dance” and their favorite so far, “Dingle Dangle Scarecrow.”

Our halloween Party is coming up next week, so we better get those costumes ready!

We suggest doing some activities at home, like a Costume Set Up (face paint, hats, scarves, glasees, even their Halloween costume) so the kids get used to the process.

Finally, we want to leave you with this awesome link we found! Our Tiny Turtles had a great time while doing activities involving food, so here is a posible activity you can do at home and enjoy quality family time making scary snacks!


Just a few fun recipes here for Halloween – all of them child-friendly and lots of fun to make and eat!

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