Witch Hat

This week the kids enjoyed our art projects, especially making a witch hat out of an ice cream cone and cookies. Next week we will be covering the following vocabulary: ghost, goblin, haunted house, candy, trick or treat, pumpkin and spider.

It´s almost time for Halloween! What are your kids going to wear? We will be having the Boo to You! catwalk on October 30th at 10:00 p.m. you are all welcome to come.

In our creative department, this week we are going to explore:

• Techniques: cutting, painting, shaking, inserting, tracing, pasting, drawing.

• Media: sand clay, paint, foamy, plates, glitter, construction paper, cellophane paper, glue, brush

• Concepts / vocabulary : shake, paste, paint, brush, up and down, fly, squeeze, draw and jump.

Here are some recent pictures of our classroom activities:


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