Winter review!


Winter review # 23

Tiny Turtles were very excited about Grandmas Day this week! Yesterday we had the pleasure of meeting our tiny turtles grandmas, and they team up to make a beautiful “Cherry Blossom” poster with their grandchild. We loved to see their happy faces and hope our grandmas had a fun time at our kinder.

Exploration time is always a surprise for the kids, this week they got to do a sorting activity with socks and learning how to match them by color and pattern. To make a review of our winter themes of the month turtles made some “snow” by adding some water. Sensory boxes are always a big hit with the kiddos, so we made a winter sensory box, with rice and cotton balls as snow. We gave the turtles some plastic winter animals so they could play on their habitat.

Creativity time was the perfect class to go over the concepts learned on January. Children loved their igloo activity, using a plastic dome, marshmallows, frosting and a paper plate. Turtles enjoy experiencing different textures and sensations, reasons why they were very happy to play with ice made as a mix of water and food coloring, and each of them got a dropper to play with. Today your little ones had a blast with the ski slope, watching the skier go up and down really fast!

Hope you have a wonderful long weekend!

Keep in mind we won’t be having class on Monday, so see you next Tuesday!

Miss Judy & Miss Karen

Books we loved this week:”Snow”/ “Where is Elmo’s blanket?”/ “Let’s get dressed”/ “Fuzzy Bear”.

Video of the week: Peppa pig winter compilation


Vocabulary words: Winter sports (hockey-skiing-sledding-tubing)/ Winter & Snow review/ Winter clothing review/ Winter animals review/ Winter sports review

Our topics for next week will be: Family review – introduce friends/ Love & Friendship- Valentine- friends/ Police officer’s visit/ Garbage collector/ Review Love & Friendship- Baker.

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