Winter Review

The Tiny Turtles were very excited about Grandma’s Day this week! On Thursday, we had the pleasure of meeting our Tiny Turtles grandparents. They teamed up with the kids to make a lemon scrub. Both Grandparents and the kids had a blast! We loved to see their happy faces and hope all grandparents had a fun time at our kinder.

This week we reviewed forest animals and winter sports. During exploration time the kids worked with a sensory zipper board and another fun sensory board. We also had an activity involving pipe cleaners for fine motor skills development.

The turtles really enjoyed some of our other fine motor skills activities: placing poker chips in a jar, and placing buttons on balloon straws.

Finally, during circle time, the kids enjoyed playing with Mr. Mike. We review the winter sports with a beautiful song. The turtles moved and danced, and also had fun pretending to ice skate. 

We look forward to starting a new month and hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Miss Mely, Nadia, Dany, Cecy and Roby


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