Winter Fun Festival

The kids did a great job in the Winter  program! We had been practicing for two weeks , and although it is never the same performing in a known environment than with parents and family as an audience, the kids were able to manage the situation and presented the show really well.  We sure hope you enjoyed the show.Your children were really excited about performing and were anxious to finally show you their musical numbers! In art class,  we made a Candy Cane, reinforcing the red and white colors and they had to follow a pattern in order to place the colors in the correct way(sequence). We had a super kid this week….Emilia Contrini turned 3 on Friday, December 13th. Mr.Mike had his special presentation with his accordion with our group, and we all sang “Happy Birthday”. Emlia’s mom brought cupcakes to school and they shared with their classmates. It was really fun! This is a great opportunity to make the children feel special and therefore increase their self-esteem. We have one more week of classes before our winter holiday vacation begins….next week we will be reviewing words related to the season, such as toys, trains, chimney, fireplace, gingerbread cookies and a general review of all the vocabulary words seen during the month of December. Your kids have been working hard on your Christmas gift…You will receive it next week. Each one has been personally hand-picked by each child thinking about their mother and father and we have been helping them finish their gift for you. We are sure you will like it a lot…they have put a lot of effort in it! We hope ;you enjoy our pictures taken at our Terrific Tigers group his week! Have a nice week-end!


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