Winter & Forest Animals


Today we celebrated Sebastian Tarno’s Super Kid! Although today is not his birthday, it’s January 31st, we had an early celebration! Sebastian was in super good company, surrounded by his family and his friends! Sebastian’s Mommy brought some delicious cupcakes to share with all of our tiny turtles, they sure loved this tasty treat! We love you!

One of the main themes for this month is winter animals, and this week we learned so much about them: how they live, what do they eat and what kind of weather they endure, etc. But those weren’t the only animals we reviewed, forest animals were also included in the classroom topics, and those are cool too!

This week for exploration time turtles developed their fine motor skills by practicing the bottles and straws activity… they just can’t get enough of this! Kids got to play with bottle shakers and also books. A perfect way to end the week was our icy environment sensory box, where the kids could play with some winter animals so they could pretend they were in their habitat (made out cotton, white pom poms, white and blue paper).

Tiny Turtles were very busy this week in creativity class, they had awesome projects! One of this week’s themes was raccoon and kiddos got to make a mask of this animal. They used paper plates, black paint, paintbrush, white paint and a “0” stamp. They were so happy and excited with the final result! Children also made a polar bear, using the palm of their hand, white paint and glitter, a little remembrance for you to keep. The little ones also did a great job making their invitations for “Grandma’s Day” at Toddler Tree. They all did a great job painting, pasting and giving the final touches, they turned out beautiful. We sent you an email early today with the information of the time we’ll be expecting your kid accompanied by hi’s/her’s Grandmothers, please send us a response with the time you were assigned and the names of your children’s grandmothers.

In Physical development with Miss Mely turtles had a lot of fun doing the “penguin dance” and also pretending to be a bear from the song “The bear went over the mountain”. Miss Mely arranged the mats to pretend to be a “mountain” and kids had a blast with it.

Have a nice weekend!

Miss Judy & Miss Karen J

Books we loved this week:”A pocket full of kisses”/ “Whose Forest Is It?/ “Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?/ “Big Bear Little Bear”/ “Baby Beluga”

Movie of the week: “Happy Feet” & “Penguins of Madagascar”

Video of the week:  “Baby Beluga” by Raffi

Vocabulary words: Penguins- ice, water, cave/ Forest animals (squirrel, fox, raccoon)/ Bear- Polar Bear/ Whales- Beluga/ Animals review

Our topics for next week will be: Winter sports (hockey-skiing-sledding-tubing)/ Winter & Snow review/ Winter clothing review/ Winter animals review/ Winter sports review



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