Wild Animals!

Wild Animals!

This week we started talking about wild animals. We explained to them that we can find them in the jungle or at the zoo. Some of them even mentioned that they have been to a zoo already. Our vocabulary words for this week include jungle, monkey, elephant, giraffe, lion, and zebra. We have been working with plush animals, puppets, toy wild animals, puzzles and posters. Students are now able to identify and talk a little about each one of these animals seen during this week.

During this week in Creativity Class our students have been making several crafts that will be used next week in order to create a poster of different wild animals. They are getting everything ready, using their finger prints, tempra paint, crayons, and markers.

Physical Education class has been really fun, since they have been dancing to the music of these wild animals, such as the Monkey Dance, the Elephant Song, Animal Action Song, Going to the Zoo, Elephants have Wrinkles, among others. They have loved to act like these animals, imitating their movements. We are also practicing for our Final Festival, which will be in June.

Story Time has been related to this theme as well. Stories read to them are The Jungle Book, In the Jungle, I am a Wild Animal, The Little Elephant, Zoo Animals, My Jungle Pop/up Book, and At the Zoo.

We are happy to mention that we have 3 more students who have proudly achieved to be potty trained! Congratulations!

Next week we will continue to talk about this interesting theme, reviewing more and exciting animals! We hope you have a great weekend!

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