Who Is The Leader?

This week we went over seasons (focusing on fall) and also some Halloween topics.  The kids painted a tree with Q-tips so they became exposed to a different art technique. Tigers had the opportunity to explore what happens when you mix red and yellow, too. It was great to get them involved in mixing colors; much more effective learning takes place when they can see the outcome for themselves.

Lately we have been playing a guessing game in which the leader is described by the teacher and guessed by their peers. They love this game! It helps them listen to new vocabulary, be attentive to what the teacher is saying , and mostly they become active members of the class. We say something like this: The leader for today is a girl. She is wearing a blue shirt and pink pants, has purple shoes and her hair in a pony tail. Then we ask: Who is the leader for today?

Next week we will go over the following vocabulary: goblin, bats, spider, ghost, haunted house, pumpkin and Jack-o Lantern.

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