When we met the mime…

This week we introduced the pantomine concept and feelings. We sang songs about feeling angry, sad, and happy, making faces as we looked in the mirror.

When the mime came to Toddler Tree, he showed us what he does. Your children had a blast watching as he expressed himself without words and juggled many different things. The kids were also very impressed with his balancing abilities.

Overall, they enjoyed the mime experience, and nobody was afraid. It is good to have them exposed to new situations so they can see, feel and learn to react to different people and circumstances.

Among other activities the kids enjoyed most were using tongs to pick up pom poms and place them in ice trays during exploration. They really worked their fine motor skills with that exercise.

They also enjoyed painting with apples during Creaitivity time.

Now, October is almost here!!  We will be introducing them to shapes and colors as well as Halloween .  We are very excited about the Halloween parade! Are your costumes ready?

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