What’s In My House?

This week, the Tiny Turtles learned all about their house: kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room and dining room. We took the kids outside so they could play with the kitchen and also with the playhouse.

During Circle Time, Mr. Mike showed them some furniture toys, that belong to different rooms of the giant doll house. In creativity class, we made a house with 4 rooms. Kids decorated the rooms with water colors and glitter. At Physical Development the children played with the balls and they had so much fun! They are learning to “Listen and Move” to action songs and they get to practice how to march around the classroom.

We had a Mime visit this week. Kids absolutely loved his performance! They learned how to clap in silence and watched how the Mime applied his makeup, so they were not scared at all! He showed us so many magic tricks, it was very exciting!

Next week we will be learning about lines, shapes, colors, and Columbus Day!

Have a great weekend!

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