Welcome to my Home!

The kids a lot of fun meeting Willy Worm during story time this week! They saw his living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and met all of his family members. Focusing on reviewing concepts and vocabulary related to the home we spent most of our time for cooperative play in the purple room playing with the big playhouse and decorating all of its rooms.


During creativity week we focused on developing our fine motor, tactile and proprioceptive skills while singing songs about houses. We explored what spaghetti feels like to be squished as well as painted with spaghetti; we made cloud dough (flour & baby oil) using kitchen utensils and pretended to make cookies with cookie cutters when learning about the kitchen. Also and probably their favorite creative activity was making necklaces with yarn and fruit loops!


The kids also had a lot of fun today practicing “el grito” with Mr. Mike during circle time as well as sharing cupcakes and singing happy birthday to super kid of the day Kento since his birthday is this upcoming Sunday!


Our terrific tigers are learning to form a in line walking one behind another and remaining quiet and although they are still working at it, they are beginning to understand how to do it!


Next week we will be reviewing concepts related to school and will talk about themes about what we bring to school and what we do in school.


We hope you have an amazing long weekend!

Mrs. Martha and Miss. Sofi



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