Welcome Tigers!

Dear Parents,

We are happy to say that we have started this new school year in the right direction. Most kids had no trouble coming back from their vacations and there were only a couple of kids with few tears at the beginning of the day. Luckily, they adapted to our class routine very quickly.

We have been focusing on making the children feel comfortable during this first week of school. Also, we have been reviewing previously learned material and paying close attention to your child’s abilities and areas of challenge so that we can help them work on these during the first trimester.

We would like to share a few pictures of our first week in school:

Next week’s theme is about Body Parts and Feelings. We remind you to send a box with family pictures or people who are close to your child (grandparents, brothers, sisters) since we will be using it later next week. If you have already sent it, thank you!

We will be working on showing our students to wait for instructions and to take turns.

We are looking forward in seeing you on Wednesday, September 4th for our Terrific Tigers Open House at 7:30 p.m.

Mrs. Nancy Murillo de Zambrano


Mrs. Claudia Villarreal de Villarreal

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