Welcome Terrific Tigers!

Dear  Families,

We are very excited to welcome you to our Terrific Tigers group!! We are greatly looking forward to working with you and your child as guide them through this magical year of learning, fun and adventure!

We believe that communication and a great parent/teacher relationship is the key to your child´s success! I encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or concerns at any time. We will also do our part by sending pictures and comments of our daily activities, as well as sending you all a weekly post with interesting information and updates of activities going on in the kinder! : )

During their first week of school, we’re happy to inform you that all the tigers have adapted incredibly well to their new classroom!! We had minimal tears, in fact,  most of them did no cry at all! We were able to dive straight into learning. They have been having a lot of fun learning the colors, letter sounds, and numbers. We have also taught them about feelings and expressions, developing their emotional intelligence (E.Q.) is one of Ms. Sofi’s #1 priorities and learning to identify emotions externally and internally is the first stepping stone of a healthy E.Q.

Some other topics covered included talking about our likes and dislikes, who our friends are, how we play together and how we get ready to come to school! They have enjoyed listening to music and stories related to this topic. They anticipate playing with the manipulative’s included in our daily story baskets, even willing participating in short role plays!

In Creativity they have been busy practicing different art elements such as stamping, painting with sponges, drawing with chubby crayons (strengthens fine motor skills to prepare them for writing) and manipulating play dough! They are learning very nicely to wear their smocks before handling paint!

A new activity for them, done in Terrific Tigers, is Cooperative Play, where they work as a group, learning to take turns and sharing their material. They have enjoyed this part of the day very much!

Our themes for next week include school and talking about the different components of a school, such as the classroom, cubby, chalkboard, calendar, table and chair!

This has been a very fun and busy week for all of us and we have enjoyed it very much! We would like to remind you,  to please send a complete change of clothes for your child. It is very possible that your child might be needing a  change of clothes one day. For those of you who have already sent it, we really appreciate it!

As a side note we would also like to remind you that the solar eclipse will occur on Monday around the time you come to pick up your kiddos from kinder. Please stay safe by avoiding looking at the sun! : )

Ms. Sofi will be absent Monday through Wednesday as she will be traveling for a medical appointment but she will be back on Thursday eager to be reunited with your little ones! In the meantime Ms. Regina Galan will be helping Ms. Margarita Coronado in the classroom.

Kind regards,

Ms. Sofi & Ms. Margarita

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