Welcome Spring!

This week we have been talking about ┬áSpring, and all the words related to this wonderful season of the year: rain, sun, clouds, rainbow. We reviewed what our students had done with the beans….planting a seed, and watching it grow with the 3 main elements: water, sun and air.
The kids were very excited to see their seedling start to form into a plant and so they took them home to care for their plant! Talking about the garden, we saw what trees and flowers are and they were able to handle a real flower (rose) and feel the soft petals and smell the sweet smell of it. It was heartwarming to listen to a student say he wanted to give his mommy a flower!
Finally, we talked about reusing and recycling objects.

Here is a video your kiddos may enjoy:

We were happy to have yet another superkid this month: Tomas Klug who had his special celebration at school on Friday and his mom brought cupcakes to share with his classmates. Mr. Mike visited our classroom to celebrate Tomas with us, using his accordion to sing to him the Happy Birthday song.
We are really excited preparing for our Easter parade coming up in April. We would like to remind you to please bring your eggshells to school so our students can start painting them for our special celebration!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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