Welcome Back Tiny Turtles!

After having spent so much enjoyable time with family and friends, our students came back to school this week.

We have started this new month and the new 2019 year by introducing winter. Vocabulary words used this week included snow, snowman, igloo, jacket and mittens. We also talked about things that are cold and reviewed the seasons changing: winter, spring, summer & fall.

During Creativity Class, the kids worked on a winter tree and snow made on a blue canvas, using finger paint and our hands! We also used paper plates and foam paper to create an igloo in winters night sky and dripped white paint on them to simulate snow! Last but not least, our Turtles turned into little designers and made some very stylish winter jackets!

This week we read many books. Some of them were the “Frozen” book, “Frosty the Snowman” and “Snow”. Kids loved learning about snow and winter activities described.

Next week we will be talking about  winter clothes and winter shoes.

We look forward to our Parent-Teacher conferences next Tuesday, January 15th.

Have a great weekend!

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