We Love Growing!

This was a week full of learning experiences!!

We talked about rainbows, planting and growing. Our Busy Bees had a fun time learning all about plating seeds. The vocabulary words learned this week were: trees, plants, seeds, flowers, planting, water and  growing. They learned a new song during circle time that talks about many things that grow. It’s called Growing, by Raffi.

During Exploration, the kids got to work on an experiment. Using oil, alcohol , colorant , syrup and water they made a colorful rainbow.

They also planted chia seeds and every morning they would water them, and watch them grow.

In Art Class, the Busy Bees worked with different colors, mixing them with glue and water. Then using a dropper they made colorful rain.

During Physical Development, the kids enjoyed dancing and climbing and rolling on the mats!
They has lots of fun!!

We hope you have an amazing weekend

Miss Mely and Miss Caty!

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