We Love Animals!

One of the main themes for this month is winter animals, and this week we learned so much about them: how they live, what do they eat and what kind of weather they endure, etc. But those weren’t the only animals we reviewed, forest animals were also included in the classroom topics, and those are cool too!

This week for exploration time Busy Bees developed their fine motor skills by practicing the bottles and straws activity, they just can’t get enough of this activity!

Our kiddos were very busy this week in Creativity class, they made some awesome projects! One of this week’s themes was owls and kiddos got to make one with their hand prints. They were so happy and excited with the final result! We also made a penguin, using white paint, a little remembrance for you to keep.

Thank you so much to all the grandmothers for coming to visit us. Our little ones had so much fun helping them make a tissue box with colorful paper. They were very happy to have them all here.

Next week, we will have many fun and interesting activities related to winter sports!

We hope you have an amazing weekend.

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