We are family!

This week was all about family! We began on Monday talking a  little bit about the parts of the body. Then, the ball got rolling, and we talked about Mom, Dad, sister, brother, Grandpa & Grandma.

During creativity, the kids really enjoyed making their ¨Family Tree¨. They got to practice painting, gluing, and of course, sprinkling glitter.

In Physical Development, the Turtles danced to songs such as ¨The Body Rock¨ and ¨Shake my sillies out.¨

We also challenged them to build a tower with some soft bricks. Of course, their favorite part was pushing the tower down to the ground.

Friday, the children got to play with balls. They threw them, bounced them, kicked them, and threw them through hula hoops. It was so much fun!

We´re looking forward to next week (It´s a short one because of Independence Day!) We will be teaching the kids about Green, White, and Red and the Mexican Flag.

We will also be covering topics about different rooms of the house.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! See you soon!


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