Walking in the Jungle..

This week was so much fun because on Wednesday we had a four-paws visit. A Labrador dog! His name was Leo and he came to show us how he behaves. Leo sat, gave his paw, understood what was up, down, left and right. All Busy Bees were very exited and had the opportunity to pet him.

The theme of the week was jungle animals. This is one of their favorite topics. They love to play, guess the animal by means of sound and imitate them. Vocabulary words included: monkey, kangaroo, snake, elephant, zebra, crocodile, lion, tiger and giraffe.

For exploration, we have been working with finger puppets and headdress role-play. Students enjoyed a little role-play, which we had prepared, including the song 5 Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed, plastic monkeys and a small wooden bed. They were all quite attentive.

During Art class, Bees worked on creating some animal puppets for their jungle animal bag, so they can play at home and review animals of the jungle. They worked with materials such as paint, pasta, glue and markers.

In Physical development they have been dancing to the music of these animals, such as: The Elephant Song, Animal, Going to the Zoo, Elephants have Wrinkles, Five little Monkeys among others They have loved to act like these animals, imitating their movements. We are also practicing for the end of the year Alo-Hawaii program.

Story Time has been related to this theme as well. Stories read to them include Does a Kangaroo Have A Mother Too, All The Ways I love you, Barney Goes To The Zoo, Jungle Day and Zoo Animals.

Next week we will talk about water animals!

Miss Dany and I are so grateful to you for allowing us to be part of your children’s life and education. We really enjoy seeing how much they are developing and growing into incredible children. Thank you so much for our TeacherĀ“s Day gifts and we look forward to seeing you and your little ones through the end of the amazing school year!

Have a great weekend!


Miss Dany Miss Roby

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