Valentine’s Day!

This week we had a highlight of the week on Thursday, with our Valentine’s Day celebration. We also had special visits from the eye doctor, ear doctor and dentist.

During the Valentine’s Party, the kids really enjoyed their lunch and hitting the piñata. They also had a blast sharing gifts and treats with each other. Learning how to share and give.

The Tigers learned about friendship, love and sharing with our loved ones. During Exploration and Morning Routine we practiced several vocabulary words related to community helpers and Valentine’s Day.

In Creativity, we made a firefighter craft with their hand prints. We used red paint, construction paper, blue glitter and green yarn. Our Tigers enjoyed creating firefighters using a hose to “Put out the fire.”

Next week we will continue learning about more community helpers. We look forward to Firefighter and Rescue team visits in the coming weeks.

We hope you have a great weekend!

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