Under the Sea….

We have continued talking about sea animals this week. Vocabulary words seen are: octopus, jellyfish, crab, lobster, starfish, seahorse, and mermaid.  They have listened to interesting information about these sea creatures, and Mr. Mike has showed them several videos on these animals! They have all seemed very interested in them…

During Creativity Class they have made bubble wrap jellyfish, which they placed on their blue paper they colored last week. They were very happy to make and use their own crab head bands and make a nice starfish as well.

We have been busy practicing for our Festival which will be on June 10th.  They are getting better at it every day!

Stories read this week include: Backyardigans, Deep Sea Count Down, One Fish, Tow Fish, Sea Creatures, My Under the Sea Pop-Up Book, Ten Friendly Fish,  The Little Mermaid, Dora Saves Mermaid Kingdom, Under the Sea, & Animals in the Ocean.

Our happy leaders for this week were Lilia María, Eduardo, Andrés, Lázaro and Emilia.

Next week we will start taking about summer and everything that includes this special season. We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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