Under The Sea

The Terrific Tigers were fascinated this week learning all about sea creatures. They Now can identify a whale, a shark, a sea star, a sea horse, turtle, octopus, dolphin, and jellyfish.

In art the kids really enjoyed making a school of fish with glue, sponges, and glitter. They also enjoyed tracing a sea star with sand paper.One of the favorite art projects was painting blue with foam, blue paint and spaghetti.

During circle time, Mr. Mike showed the Tigers many different sea creatures. The kids really liked the song “Once I caught a fish alive.”

In Physical Development, the kids had fun dancing, swimming and bobbing like many of the sea creatures. They really liked dancing to “The Baby Shark” song. They also had a lot of fun dancing and stretching to “Baby Beluga.”

During exploration, the kids got to play with sand. They also enjoyed working with sea creature puzzles and building blocks.

We are also very busy getting ready for next week’s show. We are excited to see the little ones on stage dancing just like they do in the classroom.

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