Turkey Says: Gobble, Gobble!

Today one of our tiny turtles turned two, Gabo Fernandez! Gabo enjoyed his super kid at kinder, making his SK crown with Mr. Mike and getting a magic rocket ride! His mommy and daddy brought a surprise for everyone, some yummy cupcakes. Tiny turtles’ tummies were happy with this super tasty treat. Gabo, Miss Karen and I love you so much! We are happy to be your teachers and get to celebrate your birthday with you! We want to wish you all the best on this very special day! Hugs and kisses!

This week was all about introducing thanksgiving and various concepts related to this topic.

Our tiny turtles made some activities in Exploration time, related to the topics of the week. In order to roleplay when we dance the “five little Indians” song, we made an Indian headdress. They enjoyed making it , using glue and pasting some feathers, and spreading glitter on top as a finishing touch. Today they had a blast pretending to go “fishing” using some fish with magnets and a “fish pole”.

Miss Cristy’s creativity class, our turtles had a fun time playing with play dough and also starting their Indian headdress. This week they used crayons and also paint to decorate it.

Our thanksgiving party is just around the corner! Tiny turtles will get to experience a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, which will be on Wednesday November 25. Just send a thermos for your kids on Wednesday. We’ll send you a reminder a day before.

Books we loved this week: Sesame Street “Monsters can share”/”Indian two feet and his horse”/ “Who will help?”

Video of the week: Toddler Tree’s Thanksgiving celebration 2014

Movie of the week: Pocahontas

This week’s vocabulary words were: Introduce Thanksgiving – Sharing/ Pilgrim- Indian, introduce Christmas program/ Turkey – Christmas program practice / Hunt – Fish – Christmas program practice

Our topics for next week will be: Pilgrim – Indian/ Turkey – Fish review/ Thanksgiving celebration

No classes on Thursday Nov. 26 & Friday Nov. 27 (Thanksgiving break)

Have a good weekend!

Miss Judy & Miss Karen






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