Transportation Week

Hello parents! This week we had a lot of fun with the Crawling Caterpillars learning about transportation. During manipulatives, they enjoyed playing with cars, trains and solving transportation puzzles. They also enjoyed singing “Flying in an Airplane”, “The Wheels on the Bus”, “Row Row Row Your Boat” and “Buckle Up My Seat Belt”. During physical development our students learned to make bicycle movements with their legs while lying on their backs. They enjoyed acting like an airplane pilot, too. On Wednesday, we had a special visit from the fire department. We all loved watching the firefighters and hearing the truck’s siren. During creativity class we made fun firefighter helmets, yummy traffic lights, and played with shaving cream and toy cars.

Next week the children will learn about space and rockets. We will have a special visit next Wednesday from the rescue team and we will also finish reviewing community helpers and transportation.

Miss Debbie

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