Top of the Charts: Big Bears

The Big Bears have been practicing for the Mother’s Day Show called Top of the Charts. Representing the 70’s disco music, the girls will be performing ABBA’s Dancing Queen and the boys the Village People’s YMCA. Together they will perform Funky Town. We are planning a photo shoot and dress up rehearsal for Friday May 4th.


Please send your child in a white leotard, tights and shoes or dance slippers on this day. We will be providing similar bell bottom attachments and arm cuffs with a matching skirt as seen in this photo. Play this song at home for practice.


Please check the following drawing and look for your child’s character. We have accesories such as: hats, belts, vests and the bandana. Practice along with this song.

1. Daniel Vélez- sailor, dressed in white
2. Fran Salazar- construction worker wears jeans and a plaid shirt
3. Andrés Razón- police officer wears blue pants, white shirt, jacket and boots.
4. José Alfonso Rubio- sheriff dress up in jeans and a solid color shirt with cowboy boots.
5. Mateo Treviño- indian chief dess up in beige pants and shirt with feather accessories and headband.
6. Jorge Palomo- biker, wears black pants with a biker jacket.

other Big Bear BOYS

Alfonso Pico as Mambo King, dressed in white- we will provide hat.

José Ramón Cantú as Elvis (we will provide costume)