Tiny Turtles are out of this World!

February is almost over, and this week reviewed all the topics and vocabulary words of the month. The themes are: transportation, community helpers, air transportation, and space.

Turtles enjoyed exploration time, practicing the bottles and straws activity, playing with community helpers puppets and transportation toys. One particular activity that they really liked was the space sensory box, filled with sand, pom poms as planets and stars.

There was a lot of painting with different techniques in our creativity room! Tiny turtles made a car out of paper plates, a land, water and air transportation poster using scouring pads and light & dark blue paint. Turtles were excited to make the stamps of cars, truck, bus, and bicycle. Kids painted some craft sticks with purple paint, then paste them together to make an airplane. Today kiddos got to make stars using glue, star shaped stamps, and whit glitter over a black paper to simulate space.

In physical development, children had fun playing with the collapsible fire truck and school bus, role playing as the bus driver and firefighters. Turtles also had a blast making the movements of the “listen and move” song and “the freeze”. To review the topic of airplane kids had so much fun going on the “airplane” made out of mats and climbing equipment.

Books we read this week: “Cars, trucks, planes and trains”, “Mommy I love you”, “Row, row, row your boat”, “Space!” and “The little engine that could”.

Vocabulary words: Review community helpers, review transportation, air transportation, water transportation and space.

Next week’s vocabulary words: Introduce the farm: farmer, crops and animals; Farm vocabulary: barn, fence, pond, hay and field; Farm foods: planting and growing – corn, beans; Introduce farm animals: cow and horse.


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