Tigers Show Their First Stripes

During their first week of school, we’re happy to inform that all  the tigers have adapted well to their habitat. Your little ones did not cry much, most of them did no cry at all. We were able to go straight into teaching them how to express themselves with confidence. They are learning the colors, letter sounds, and numbers very quickly. We also have taught them about feelings and expressions, which you may get to see a lot of at home. We feel that, overall, the feeling in the classroom has been HAPPY. We plan to do our very best to keep it that way throughout the school year.

We also had a birthday celebration. David Cadena was a super happy “SUPER KID” celebrating his birthday that was on August 8th. Thank you Mom and Dad for the lovely cupcakes!


Next week, we’ll be going over family members and the home, so feel free to give your kids a quick review. For now, these cubs are showing their stripes as they keep learning and growing into astute tigers!

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