The Pick of the Litter!

Pet week was so much fun! Tiny Turtles learned about dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, birds, fish and rabbit. We want to thank Andres’ mom Mrs. Alma Martinez, David’s mom Mrs. Sofia Rubio and Eduardo’s mom Mrs. Diana Flores for bringing their pets to our classroom; kids were excited and happy to pet them.

This week we had an exploration activity to review the theme of birds, and our kiddos made a bird feeder. Children were given a plastic bag with 4 Oreo cookies and with the help of a plastic hammer they smashed them to create “soil”. When their “soil” was ready they took 2 gummy worms and placed them inside their bag. Your kids love food projects, so they were really into it.

In creativity class with Miss Cristy turtles made 4 different projects: dog, cat, bird and fish. The dog was made out of a brown paper bag, felt ears, googly eyes, pom pom nose and they used a brown crayon to color their bag. For the cat they used a paper plate, googly eyes, pom pom nose, and pipe cleaners as whiskers. Their teachers helped them staple the head, body and tail. Kids made a beautiful paper bird; they pasted some feathers using a glue stick, and also made a bird feeder with a toilet paper roll, peanut butter and some seeds. To review the fish concept our students got a fish made out of paper and they pasted some shiny sequins to resemble the fish scales.

Some of the activities that the kids enjoyed this week in physical development were: tunnel, hoola hoops (jump in and out), balls and buckets, and practicing their kicking and throwing skills with balls.

Books we read this week: “Sam the Dog”, “Playful Puppies”, “The three little kittens”, “I am lucky the cat”, “Bluebird’s nest”, “Animals”, “Don’t cut my hair” and “Baby Einstein’s Animal Match”.

Vocabulary words: Pets: dog, puppies/ Cat, kittens/ Birds/ Fish/ Rabbit.

Next week’s vocabulary words: Frogs/ Turtles/ Hamster/ Guinea Pig/ Pet visit.

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