The Haunted House of the Busy Bees!!

During this week, we have been preparing everyone for Halloween… and everyone has really been enjoying themselves. Vocabulary words such as haunted house, trick or treat, candy, ghost, goblin, makeup, costumes, have been reviewed daily.

Using our Jack O Lantern baskets, we simulated a trick or treat day. It was fun to have the students ask for candy. We also played with Miss. Cristy’s costumes, which gave our students the opportunity to feel how would it be on Halloween night.

Activities enjoyed by them to reinforce these concepts included: A sensory spider web box, which they had to put their had inside and look for skeleton bones and plastic spiders. We also played with a green spaghetti sensory box it was so much fun and we had a ghost cup ball toss.

For art, they practiced their fine motor skills using scissors, markers, shaving cream and glue. The kids really enjoyed gluing paper squares to the candy corn as well as reviewing the different Halloween colors.

Books read to them this week include titles such as: Tick or Treat, Little Critter, Who’s there in Halloween, and Spooky Nights.

On Thursday we used face paint for them to get used to Halloween night and they were very exited!

Last but not least, on Friday we had a super kid! We celebrated Sofia´s birthday, together with her parents. We sang happy birthday and ate Snow Whites cupcakes.

As you can see, our busy bees have many great activities prepared for them everyday! It is a privilege to be able to be part of your child´s learning.

Don´t forget we have our Disney Halloween Parade on October 31st.

Miss Dany & Miss Roby


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