The Busy Bees Family

We had such a fun week!On Monday, we introduced the family and during the week we had different activities to learn about it. Vocabulary words: mother, father, sister, brother, grandma, baby, grandpa, house, book have been reviewed daily.

During exploration we showed a family we made with tongue depressors. Everyone was paying close attention and afterwards they had the opportunity to play with them, always sharing with their friends. The song “Baby Shark” was very helpful to learn new vocabulary words. Another song they enjoyed very much was the “Family Finger Song”.

The family sensory pasta we made was also fun, because for this activity they had to look for mother, father, grandpa, grandma and baby… taking turns (waiting for their turn).

In art class we worked on their fine motor skills: pasting papers to the project, stamping with different shapes and making their hand print.

Next week we will be starting with parts of the house.

The Busy Bees are learning very fast without forgetting the taste of fun.

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