The Ants are Marching One by One, “Hoorah”!

This week we learned all kinds of insects. Vocabulary words were: fly, worm, bee, ladybug, caterpillar, buterfly, ant, grasshopper and snail.

Our exploration activities were so much fun… especially the ones that involved eating gummy worms! Kids also practiced their fine motor kills for an exploration activity where they needed to separate the different plastic bugs into jars using a scoop. It was not easy, although most of the kids got it in the end.

We also had a great time in art painting and pasting to create different insects. Kids also made a worm using pipe cleaners and beads, working on their fine motor skills. Finally we worked on a caterpillar using pompoms and wooden sticks.

During physical development we had so much fun. We used some wings to “fly” like butterflies and flies. We also played with some bunny ears and hopped a lot listening to the Bunny Hop and B-U-N-N-Y song. We also used the drums and marched to the song “The Ants are Marching One by One”.

In Story time we read some books: Insect Pop-up Book, The Very Busy Bee, Ten Little Ladybugs, The Very hungry Caterpillar and Little Brown Ants.

Next week we will start learning about farm animals and crops.

Have a great weekend!

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