Thanksgiving Week!

This week was dedicated to Thanksgiving and food. We learned what Americans eat on Thanksgiving and even had a delicious feast!

During Exploration and Morning Routine, we learned about the First Thanksgiving, the pilgrims and indians,  and old traditions. The kids were looking for pilgrims, indians and turkeys on our bulletin board and around the classroom.

In Circle Time, Mr. Mike showed us how pilgrims went hunting for turkeys.

During Physical Development, we danced like turkeys and little indians. The kids’ favorite songs were “The Turkey Hop” and “10 Little Indians”.

On Wednesday, we had our Thanksgiving Feast and we had so much fun! The Turtles wore their Pilgrim hats and Indian feathers they made during Creativity. The kiddos had a yummy lunch. They tasted turkey, mashed potatoes, corn and cranberries. After lunch we rotated with other classrooms for many fun activities, like fishing, playing drums and sorting veggies and fruits.

This week, we also celebrated Benjamin’s birthday. We made him a crown and sang Happy Birthday all together. His parents brought a delicious cake and Lion King cookies. Thank you, Benjamin!

Remember that next week we have vacations and will be back to school on Monday, November 26th.

Thank you for all you do and hope you have an amazing week!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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