Thanksgiving Day!

This week we celebrated Thanksgiving Day with a scrumptious feast at Toddler Tree.

We had a delicious Thanksgiving meal and tried turkey, yams, corn, pumpkin pie, corn bread, cranberries and mashed potatoes. We enjoyed sharing all this food with our friends and had so much fun with the activities.

After lunch we rotated with other classrooms to play “Go-Fish”, to play drums and other instruments and sort veggies and fruits.

During story time, we practiced some vocabulary and learned a lot about Thanksgiving Day. We learned some November rhymes and songs about turkeys such as “The Turkey Hop” and “The Thanksgiving Feast”. 

We want to remind you that there will not be classes next week due to the Mexican Revolution and Thanksgiving holidays.

See you on Monday, November 26th! Thank you for all you do!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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