Thanksgiving Celebration!

We had a very special and amazing past week!  Our main focus was on explaining to our Terrific Tigers all about the meaning of Thanksgiving, and why it is important. They really enjoyed role-playing being the Indians and Pilgrims. They learned that the Indians taught many interesting things to the Pilgrims, and, the special word related to them was that they shared their things with their new friends! This is one of our objectives this year with our Tigers: to have them share politely with each other!

They have been listening to interesting music related to this special celebration, such as Indian dances, and  songs that talk about sharing. They have been working during Creativity Class in making Indian headdresses and turkeys, too!  Books read to them include: “The First Thanksgiving Day”, “Tommy Turkey´s Wonderful Thanksgiving”, and “Courdurory´s Thanksgiving Day”.

The highlight of this week was on Friday, since we had the opportunity to celebrate a Thanksgiving event with our little ones. Our celebration was set up outside in the gym and the children got a chance to visit this special feast, looking at all the yummy food prepared for them, which included: turkey, gravy, corn, mashed potatoes, yams, cranberries and pumpkin pie!. We took several cute pictures there with them. After this special activity, they were able to eat this food in all together with the other classrooms in the patio and then play in garden all together as well! Mr. Mike and Mrs. Maricuza even came outside and ate with us too! Everyone’s favorites were the corn and the cranberries! To finish our fun day, we had several games outside such as going fishing, placing the feather on the turkey and using musical instruments to play Indian music.

As you can see, we all had a great time!  Next week we will have out Thanksgiving break but coming back on November 28 we will start with our final month of the year…. December! We will begin to practice our Christmas program, which is scheduled to be December the 13th! We hope you have a wonderful weeklong holiday and can take some time and be thankful for all the blessings you each have in your family! We are looking forward in welcoming your beautiful children back in a week!

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