Thankful Big Bears!

  • This week, the Big Bears understood what sharing and giving means. They all have been practicing how to share with their classmates and are very enthusiastic about being thankful, too.

The whole week was full of excitement and experiences. As we learned our objectives, during Creativity the kiddos made Indian headdresses. They wore them during our Thanksgiving Feast and were so excited about it. This celebration was a blast for the Big Bears! They had a viewing of the buffet table and shared delicious dishes.

They also learned a rhyme, “Gobble, Gobble” and sang and danced to the “ Ten Little Indians”. You should try it at home!

We want to remind you that we won’t have classes next week as we celebrate the Mexican Revolution and Thanksgiving Holidays.

Classes will resume on Monday, November 26.

Please make sure all of your child’s sweaters and jackets are labeled to avoid mix-ups.

Enjoy your child these days and get ready for our winter program.

Take care and have a great week!

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