Tasty Food

This week was so delicious! All our topics were about different kinds of food. The Tiny Turtles got to explore different sights and smells, such as pasta. They really enjoyed singing songs about fruit salad and spaghetti.

During Creativity time, the kids had a blast painting with pasta. They also enjoyed learning that a slice of bread is in the shape of a square. They got to spread some chocolate of bread and, of course, their favorite part was to try the bread.

In Physical Development, we danced to songs such as “Jump in my Soup,” “Victor Vito,” and the children´s favorite, “The Scarecrow.”

The Tiny Turtles seem excited to learn more about Thanksgiving. We have also been teaching them about the Thanksgiving meal, and what all makes it up. Turkey, corn, carrots, yams, pumpkin pie, etc.

We look forward to next week´s Thanksgiving Party, where the kids will actually get to see and taste a real Thanksgiving Feast.

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