Talking about the Family!

Dear Terrific Tigers Parents,

Week # 4 has finished already! During this past week we talked about the Family and its members. The vocabulary words used during this week were: mother, father, sister, baby, grandmother, and grandfather. Big posters of different family members were shown to our students and it was interesting to see how  well they payed attention. Some of them even mentioned who their brothers or sisters were. We used the family boxes also and it was very exciting for them when it was turn for their box to be displayed in class. They were very proud to point out to the different members of their own family!

During Creativity Class this week they worked on different techniques and colors, such as green, red and blue. They used their own hand prints, crayons, sponges, markers and rollers on the different colored papers.

Books read this week included titles such as: My Mommy & I, Daddy & Me, Babies, ! Who´s my Mommy? My Grandma & I, My Grandpa & I, I am a New Brother! and All About Me!

Our Cooperative Play Time included activities such as making towers with blocks, separating the different colored chips into the containers, picking items out and placing them in ice cube trays, working on puzzles and using the peg boards.

One of their favorite activities of the day is the “Surprise Bag”, where the leader shows his/her classmates what is inside his/her special bag and everyone gets a chance to see what it is and talk about it! They really enjoy being the leader of the day!

We are very happy to have two new classmates in our Tigers group: Lilia María and Lázaro have joined our group and are now part of our class.They have transitioned very nicely into our daily routine.

Next week our theme will be house and the different parts it has in it. We would like to remind you that next Wednesday, September 16th is a National Holiday and we will not be attending school that day. We hope you enjoy spending time with your little ones at home!

We wish you have a very pleasant weekend!

Sincerely, Mrs. Martha & Mrs. Nancy

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