Taking a Ride on the Little Yellow School Bus!

Today was a super exciting day for the Tiny Turtles classroom! A mime stopped by Toddler Tree and did a nice show full of magic and fun! We shared some pictures on our group’s Facebook page. Our main event for the day was also Eugenio’s Super Kid! Even though his birthday is on Saturday, we wanted to celebrate such a special day. Mr. Mike made a special super kid crown for the birthday boy and everybody sang Happy Birthday along Mr. Mike’s magic accordion. His mom and dad brought a tasty treat for everyone: “Conchitas” and Eugenio shared with all of his friends. Eugenio, Miss Karen and I want to wish you a very happy birthday, we love you very much!

What a fun and busy week we just had! During exploration time we played with letter magnets and our chalkboard. Kids identified their teachers and classmates learning their names. We had a fun fine motor skills activity called “Yarn apples”, a pasta and grains sensory box, but their absolute favorite was pretending to “ride” the School Bus.

In creativity class with Miss Cristy kids used chalk on dark paper, practicing the letter “S”. The Sort, Pick up and Put Away activity was definitely a big hit with the kiddos, they love to locate items in drawers and cubbies. Our paint activity of the week was making “Apple Prints”, turtles got half of an apple dipped in red and green paint, and they made some prints on some white paper. In order to review our school bus theme children made a cute “School Bus” craft made out of yellow and black construction paper, small piece of aluminum foil and stickers, they used a glue stick to paste the windows and the wheels, as well as the lights of their bus.

Some of the songs that we loved in our physical development class with Miss Mely were: “Wake up your muscles”, “Shake your bean bag”, “Music, music, music”, “If you’re happy and you know it…”, “Listen and move” and “Scarecrow”. Tiny turtles love music and they have a blast every time they get the chance to play a musical instrument, this week was no exception, we got some maracas and sticks.

Books we loved this week: “Clifford’s first school day”/ Fisher Price “I’m going to school today”/ The Berenstain Bears “The homework hassle”/ “I don’t want to go to school”/ Finding Nemo “Fish school”/

Video of the week: Mime visit to Toddler Tree 2014

This week’s vocabulary words were: Introduce school: classroom, chalkboard, calendar/ Table – chair – cubby/ Teacher – apple/ School – friends/ School bus – car seat

Our topics for next week will be: School box items/ Review my home and my school/ Review me, myself and I / Introduce shapes: Circle/ Triangle

Have a nice weekend!

Miss Judy and Miss Karen

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