Surfing into Summer

This week we finished all about sea animals. The kiddos really enjoyed it! Now, summer is here and the Tiny Turtles are going to enjoy lots of fun summer topics!

This week they learned about summer, sun, sand, sea, fun at the beach (sunglasses, sunscreen), shovel, pail, castle, snorkeling, swimsuit, and surfing.

Also on Wednesday we had our “Trolls” the end of the year program. Our Tiny Turtles danced “Hair up”, “Hamster Dance” and “Move your Feet”. We couldn’t be more proud! They did their best and they rehearsed very hard for this. Many of the got to experience their first time on stage! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

During exploration, we worked with sand,  The kids also played with puzzles. They were really into our “sand box” filled with sea creatures.

In creativity, the Turtles made a whale using water colors. They really enjoyed this first experience using water colors and paint brushes.

We also did a fun rubbing activity by placing a sand paper star under a sheet of paper. The kids colored over the star with crayons and it ended up being a textured sea star.

Finally, for the summer topic, the kids made a sun coloring a coffee filter with some markers and splashing water.

In physical development class the kids got to practice rolling a ball from one to another. They also did the “Crab Walk” and they rolled across some cushions.

Have a nice weekend!

Miss Mely, Nadia, Dany, Roby and Mariana


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