Supermarket Adventure!

After enjoying our holiday on Monday, we started this week with a new theme: Thanksgiving. Over the last weeks we had been focusing on food and sharing. Now we are getting ready for our next weeks’ Thanksgiving celebration! Our Terrific Tigers were able to understand the meaning of Thanksgiving since it was told to them like a story. They are now familiar with who Pilgrims and Indians are and some of them even remembered the name of the ship in which the Pilgrims arrived: The Mayflower!

The HEB visit was a success. Although it is common to go with kids to the supermarket, we sometimes  forget that kids love touching and learning about food hands on.

This was a great & different experience for the Tigers since they had opportunity to see, touch, smell and  compare the different fruits and vegetables we had been reviewing in our classes. It was also fun for them to have their classmates with them, which usually doesn’t happen when they go to the supermarket with mom!

Next week we will focus on the Thanksgiving celebration that  will take place on Tuesday.

We hope you have a  nice weekend and we are sure you will enjoy our weekly pictures!

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