Summer Fun!


Summer is here, with its sunny and warm days, filled with fun and laughter! We are now in the month of June and tiny turtles are going to enjoy lots of summer fun concepts! This week they learned about summer, sun, sand, sea, fun at the beach (sunglasses, sunscreen), shovel, pail, castle, snorkeling, swimsuit and surfing.


During exploration time we had activities with sand, like playing with sand and strainers, or taking them outside to the water and sand tables for some sensory play. They were really into our “Beach prop box” filled with items related to the beach like life vest, goggles, sunglasses, beach balls, flippers and sunscreen.


In creativity time with Miss Cristy children enjoyed a stamping and drawing with markers activity, as well as painting a coffee filter with orange and yellow markers. With the help of a paintbrush they spread some yellow, blue and green paint all over craft paper. One of the activities that your kiddos enjoy greatly is play dough time, where they get to practice their fine motor skills, so our turtles get to play and learn at the same time.


In physical development class kids played with “beach” balls, pretended to go “surfing” by standing on balance beams ad wearing sunglasses. They really like the “listen & move” song, and playing with the parachute is always so much fun!  We imagined ourselves at a beach full of shells (small balls) and each kid got a pail to collect the “shells” from the “sand” (gym carpet).


Have a nice weekend!

Miss Judy, Miss Nancy and Miss Karen.



Books we read this week: “Where are you going?”/ “Swim, boots, swim”/  “A day at the beach”/ “Dora goes for a ride”/ “The great goat chase”.


Vocabulary words: Introduce summer/ Sun, sand & sea/ Fun at the beach, sunglasses and sunscreen/ Shovel, pail, castle/ Snorkeling, swimsuit and surfing.


Next vocabulary words: Riding fun: trike, bike, skates, scooter/ Traveling: suitcase, car, airplane, ship/ Fun at the beach/ Fun in the water/ Last day of school: Summer fun!.

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