Summer Camp Session 2: Blue’s Clues

Based on several episodes of Blue’s Clues, students will be guided interactively through the day’s adventure or mystery through a series of clues with an educational focus. Simple, structured and fun, this theme will delight children while at the same time teach them ways to observe and understand their world. The most consistent focus throughout this session is on problem solving skills.

Week 1: Blue’s World

The first week of this session covers a range of information from colors and shapes to numbers, letters and problem solving ideas. Puzzles may require sounding out words or even geography and physiology concepts. Through multiple adventures with Blue’s Clues and friends your child will be exposed to:

  • Musical experiences
  • Cognitive concepts: Colors, Shapes & Sizes
  • Literacy and Numeracy skills: Letters & Numbers
  • Art & Creativity
  • Textures & Compositions

Blue is a cute blue puppy dog who will be leaving clues around Toddler Tree for students to find and put together to come up with an answer or idea. Through this process, kids are able to practice relating information and drawing conclusions. By thinking through the clues out loud, teachers not only allow students to try and draw their own conclusions, but they also exemplify a process of thought used in analyzing the clues and coming to a conclusion.

Week Two: Blue & Friends

The second week will challenge, and build the students’ self-esteem, focusing on Blue’s relation to the secondary characters in the show. By providing comfort and predictability, our objective is to empower the students, inviting their involvement by including elements of surprise and play and using mnemonics in the form of mantras and songs. Specific areas of development include:

  • Coordination & Movement
  • Memory Skills
  • Auditory Skills
  • Patience
  • Reading comprehension
  • Critical Thinking




In addition to engaging kids through eye-to-eye contact, pausing/breaking and cueing (giving children time to respond to questions or prompts), and singing songs which will become familiar to your child, during the Blue’s Clues Summer Camp session, students will be:

  • increasing information-acquisition skills: sequencing, patterning, relational concepts, and transformations
  • improving problem solving and flexible thinking: solving riddles, exhibiting creative thinking, and non-verbal and verbal expression skills.
  • maximizing input skills: observation and comprehension
  • developing cognitive and social skills
  • maintaining interest/attention
  • building early art skills, including color mixing, textures, recognition of shapes and more
  • setting goals and rewarding progress (with stickers using a progress chart)
  • learning a “learning style” based on the scientific method and transferring that style to other situations and circumstances.

You can expand upon the Blue’s Clues curriculum at home in the following ways:

* Play Blue’s Clues with your child. Leave clues around the house that lead to something fun, and help your child figure out the puzzle and find the prize.

* Use the Blue’s Clues concept to help your child learn in a fun way. For example, leave “Blue’s Clues” around the house on an “apple,” an “arrow,” and a picture of an “ant.” Help him or her figure out that the clues all started with “A.” Then color an “A” picture or have an “A” treat.