Spring is Here!

This week we learned about spring and growing. The caterpillars learned vocabulary words such as “grow”, “flowers”, “peas”, “seeds” and “plant”.

Our little ones planted bean seeds in a plastic cup with some cotton. Each day they sprinkled a little bit of water on it, as they watched it grow.

During Creativity, the kiddos made a bird nest, we used paper plates to made the nest and glued brown crepe paper on it. We also pasted blue crepe paper to make the little birdies.

Mr. Mike, during Circle Time, taught the kids about spring, how the flowers bloom, how the weather is is changing and how things grow.

They learned several songs about planting and growing such as: In Our Garden and Growing by Raffi.

Physical development was so much fun! The kiddos enjoyed pretending they were little seeds and then growing like a big tree.

Next week we will be learning about spring animals, such as butterflies, caterpillars, bugs and worms.

Have a great weekend!

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