Sound the Alarm!

This week’s community helper visit were firefighters! On Wednesday a team of firefighters visited kinder and the children were super excited to see them and their fire truck. We took some nice pictures for you to see on our facebook page.

Exploration time was filled with all sorts of fun activities, like playing with transportation toys, transportation puzzles and role playing like firefighters with a collapsible fire truck and “hoses”.

Tiny turtles had a blast in creativity time, too! So much to do! They painted with cars making paint tracks on roads that were drawn on paper. Also, they used sponges and red paint for a fireman helmet. We made fire flames as an experiment using red, yellow and orange tissue paper and water. On Thursday kiddos made a hot air balloon with a paper plate and they pressed stamps using corks. Finally, today we made traffic lights with cookies, frosting and m&ms. Turtles really enjoyed it and had so much fun!

This week kids were full of energy, more than usual if that’s even possible! So we tried to remain very active during physical development pretending to be airplanes and arranging chairs like an airplane.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Miss Nadia

Vocabulary words: Introduce transportation/ Relate land vehicles to community helpers/ Firefighters visit/ Air transportation/ Water transportation

Our topics for next week will be: Review Community Helpers/ Review Transportation/ People in your neighborhood: Rescue Team comes to kinder/Space/ Review Space

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