So Many Things That Grow…

In the month of March we started with new vocabulary about spring, bugs and farm animals which our kids have been practicing during the week. 

During Circle Time, our Terrific Tigers have been practicing the vocabulary from the bulletin board with words such as: spring, plant, grow, flower, rainbow, etc. They used props like shovel and a hoe to pretend planting and learned songs such as In Our Garden and Growing (by Raffi).

At recess our kids explored the garden and learned to recognize the name of the bugs and objects related with spring. They had a lot of fun during that exercise!

During class we also started a new project by planting germinate a bean seeds in a cup. The kids placed cotton in the cup and watered it everyday to watch it grow!

In Physical Development, we started listening to the new playlist of the month of March and created a new routine for our kids to develop their motor skills while they play.

In creativity class we are working on a flower made of a paper plate that our kids painted with purple paint. They will also decorate it with glitter and foamy, We also made carrots with construction paper and ground coffee, simulating dirt.

We hope you have a great weekend!

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