Shapes and Colors

This week we focused on teaching the kids all about shapes and colors. The kids are now able to identify some of the shapes, and during teacher time they can locate different shapes around the classroom.

During creativity, the Tiny Turtles worked on a fun flower garden. They made the grass with triangles, the flowers with rectangles and ovals, and a circle for the sun. They also worked with glue and glitter.

We danced to several shape songs you can find on YouTube, and also found shapes around the classroom with the song “Triangle, Circle, and Square.”

During Physical Development we walked in circles, triangles, and squares. We also introduced several Halloween songs like “Dingle Dangle Scarecrow” and “The Skeleton Dance.”

For the last activity of the week, the kids had a blast making pizza. This was to remember that pizza is round like a circle, and is cut into triangular slices. We also put pepperoni slices on it, which also taught them to identify circles. They had a lot of fun, and really enjoyed eating the pizza!

We`re looking forward to next week´s fun topics such as “hot and cold” and “falling leaves.”

We also want to remind you the Despicable Halloween Party is just around the corner. Don´t forget it´s October 26th!

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