Shapes and colors all around!

This week children reviewed shapes and colors, identifying all of those that surround us. We can see shapes and colors everywhere!

Tiny Turtles loved their exploration activities, like the “mining” for shapes, where they had to pick “gems” and unwrap them to discover the color and a shape, pretending they were miners looking out for gems in a box full of black beans that represented coal. Kids made a candy science experiment, they were very excited watching warm water dissolve sweet tarts, and turning like the color of the candy.

In creativity time with Miss Cristy we played with shapes puzzles and play dough, and kids had a great time making their Columbus project, made out of their handprints. In physical development the kiddos loved to jump in and out of the shapes that are on the gym’s carpet, and they also had a blast wearing dinosaur masks. So much fun!

This week we planned a special activity for our turtles, we gave them different food items, such as saltine crackers, cucumber, grapes, cheese, ham, apple and cookies, each of these resemble a shape. This was a different and fun way for them to identify shapes that we see every day.

Vocabulary words: Rectangle, oval, lines (straight, curvy), circle, triangle, square, oval, rhombus, star, white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, dinosaur.

Next week´s vocabulary words: air – hot & cold, water – hard & soft, ice, red, blue, sand, fire, seasons, summer – fall, trees & leaves, green, orange, yellow, brown, sorting shapes and colors.

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