September Week 5

We´re very happy to know that Big Bears are getting to know our classroom rules and activities. They are becoming better at following instructions, too.

During this week we reviewed body parts, family members, school items and identified different feelings.

In our creativity class with Ms. Cristy we enjoyed putting a house together and making family members. We also had fun making a “Circle Shape Pizza” where they poured cheese and pepperoni on real crust and put it inside a mini oven. You should have seen their faces! They were repeating: “Yummy, yummy in my tummy!”.

At the end of this week we also practiced circle and triangle making shapes with play-doh.

Next week we will continue learning the rest of the shapes, lines and colors. Big Bears will also have the opportunity to review different objects and relate them to a specific shape and/or color.  We live in a shape and line world!

We will also talk and practice short songs and role play “Christopher Columbus”.

Have a great weekend

Ms. Caya and Miss María Elena

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